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Do God and Business mix? Can God really be the CEO of our company?
Maybe you are in a place where you are wanting to clarify your calling or use your voice to fulfill the great commission of sharing Jesus with the world.
If so, this is the episode for you!

78. Do God and Business Mix? Interview with Top Christian Podcaster and Business Coach, Stefanie Gass

What is Original Sin?

Is sin the same for Christians as it is for Mormons?

Today we are breaking down 5 facts about biblical sin.

77. What is Original Sin? Is sin the same for Christians as it is for Mormons? 5 facts about biblical sin//Basic Christian Beliefs Every Exmo and New Believer Needs to Know.

What Does it Mean, God is with Us? In today’s mini-episode we are breaking down, sin, the veil, temples, and the holy of holies. A whole lot packed into a quick few minutes. You are going to love these 2 things to help you know your strength comes from the Lord in this Wisdom Wednesday.

What Does it Mean, God is with Us? 2 Things to Know your Strength// Wisdom Wednesday

Today, we are talking to a wonderful Christian mama who has a huge heart for helping women who have left the Mormon church, because she did as well. Like me, she had a rocky faith journey after leaving and got swept up in new-age spirituality.
With the power of prayer and the love of Jesus, Courtney Ko now finds herself walking in step with the Jesus of the Bible.

Are You Ready for a Radical Transformation? From Judgement to Jesus, An Interview with Ex-LDS -Christian and Street Minister, Courtney Ko

Why do I think it is so important to understand creation, who God is, and where we came from?Because it put us in our place- humble, fearing, loving the Lord. Did God get so much bigger as you listened to this episode? I hope He created all things out of nothing, He is the Word, Jesus is God and the devil is no match for Him, we were intentionally knit in our mother’s womb, and no matter what, He is sovereign.

5 Mind-blowing Facts About God’s Creation-A View You Have Never Heard Before //Basic Christian Beliefs Every Exmo and New Believer Needs to Know.

Have you been wondering if God made a mistake with you?
Today, we are looking at it from God’s perspective.This is Self-Help done God’s Way!

Did God Make a Mistake? A Verse to Help You Know Your Worth. // Wisdom Wednesday

What is theology, can I become a theologian and what does this mean to you? This is all the fun stuff that is learning more about God, His word, basic Christian Beliefs and how this brings us closer to Him.

What is Theology? Can I Become a Theologian?//Theology for the Soul

Probably one of the most confusing and biggest hangups about God after leaving the LDS church- The Trinity. 
We saw pictures as little kids with a gray-haired, old Heavenly Father next to a strapping, (very caucasian) Jesus.  We were made in His image, correct? God is a man, correct?
If you are struggling with this, know you are not alone. The trinity has caused debate since the early church- circa 300 AD. 
Today we are going to break this all down in the simplest terms from the direction of the early church fathers and the bible.
Today’s Question:
What exactly is the Trinity?

FINALLY!! The Trinity Explained in 4 Easy Steps! //Basic Christian Beliefs Every Exmo and New Believer Needs to Know. #3

What is translation, what is transmission and what version of the Bible should I read?
I had to trust that what I was reading was indeed translated correctly, was truly God’s word, and was what God intended me to hear.

Today we are going to go over…
What Translation of the Bible should I read and 3 Steps to Finding the Perfect Bible Translation for YOU.

What Translation of the Bible Should I Use? 3 Steps to Finding the Perfect Translation for YOU. //Basic Christian Beliefs Every Exmo and New Believer Needs to Know.

Okay- this is straight Christian gospel today. This IS in fact, the good news. Did you know that is what the word ‘gospel’ means? The Good News! Today is all about the good news.
Another fun fact- did you know there are not just 10 commandments? In fact, there are 613 spanning over Torah, the old testament. It was God’s 1st covenant with His chosen people- the Israelites- the Jews. He set it up because they needed law. They needed to know what God’s perfect law for them would be.
The law more than anything showed that humankind was in need of a savior.
And that was and is the good news. In a time, when the hope that was in the law from God seemed impossible to uphold, a savior came to save His people.

No More Rules! How Can We Have Faith, Not Law in God’s Family?

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