At times I was an ex-Mormon, agnostic, a Sunday Christian, want to be Buddhist and a New Age follower, but God had very different plans for me. The whole time I was living in one very big lie- that I was in charge of my own enoughness and my works were going to save me and my life. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am all about self-help and personal development, but as a born-again fully transformed Christian I learned there is the world's way and there is God's way. 

I'm Shelby Hohsfield,

Hey there,

Find Faith

We are going to discuss why we should trust the Bible, who is God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, and the Trinity.

We are going to talk about different theological concepts and views.

We are going to learn what the word theology even means. We are going to learn about God, so we can open our hearts to trust God.

Live Faith

Share Faith

...because we are not giving up on Jesus after the church. 

Here, we are going to get to know God.

Once we trust Him and His word we can live in His will. We are going to build a relationship with Him.

We are going to read His word and discover His Wisdom from Above.

The great commission!

The last thing Jesus ever told us to do was to go out and make disciples of all nations.

Our purpose is to know God and make Him known.

How can you use your spiritual and creative God-given gifts to make that happen?

We are on a Jesus Journey, you coming?

Hi Friend, 

There is a good chance you came to my corner of the internet because you're curious, you're questioning things and you're coming to Him with a load of religious baggage in tow.

Am I right?

From EX-MORMON, lost for 20 years, to born again, I know a thing or two about colorful religious pasts. 

This site and all I do is dedicated to you, friend- the gal who is ready to bust through the overwhelm of what to believe, learn basic Christian beliefs, know Him and use your gifts to make Him known. 

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My Faith Journey

Episode 1

If I hadn't been raised Mormon, if I hadn't had all the steps along the way, if I hadn't known what it was like to try to earn my worth every step of the way...
...I would have never known true grace. 

He was preparing me the whole time to do what He is asking me to do, right now, to further His kingdom- to help you. 

I was Mormon in an unconventional Mormon home. I left when I was 18 and spent 20 years lost, searching in all the wrong places. And through one the hardest times in my life I realized one so incredibly important, life changing thing...

...on my own I would never be enough. 
I would never be worthy or strong or big enough. 
This story wasn't about me...

...this story is about God, what He did for us that we will never earn. He is strong enough, He makes me worthy, He is big enough for me and so much more. 

I am forever changed.
And now, I live to know Him and make Him known. 

"for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose." Philippians 2:13

But God's plans for us are so much bigger than we know.

I've been through a very winding road of faith. I always wondered why God, or in my Godless days, why I had to go through all that confusing stuff. 

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Bet you didn't know... 

I love coffee way too much and am a sucker for a great audio book!

99% of the time I can be seen doing something creative, from my next illustration, to writing the next podcast on how to creatively partner with God.

I love learning! I have a BA in Mass Communications and Journalism and Sociology, am a serial course taker and would love nothing more than to one day attend seminary. 

Like you, I had a big story to tell about how God pursued me and worked miracles in my life.

Episode 81

My family and friendships are my world and I firmly believe that is where happiness truly lyes. 

And in those relationships, I had a story- I had been raised in a mixed faith home of loving parents, but with a very complicated base of Mormon or the highway. 
It took me 20 years after leaving the church to finally find God. 




Wouldn't trade it for the world

The hubs, Carl and I met first semester of college in astronomy class. I didn't know his name for two weeks and just referred to him as the cute boy I was going to marry. That was in 2000. We have now been together over half our lives! Our lives are now run by our two teenage kiddos, Mason and McKenna and our zoo we have for a house complete with 2 horses, 9 chickens, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a partridge in a pear tree. We live around the corner from my mom and dad, both work with family and will probably call New Mexico home forever. 

This is how we roll...