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What Does it Mean, God is with Us? In today’s mini-episode we are breaking down, sin, the veil, temples, and the holy of holies. A whole lot packed into a quick few minutes. You are going to love these 2 things to help you know your strength comes from the Lord in this Wisdom Wednesday.

What Does it Mean, God is with Us? 2 Things to Know your Strength// Wisdom Wednesday

Have you been wondering if God made a mistake with you?
Today, we are looking at it from God’s perspective.This is Self-Help done God’s Way!

Did God Make a Mistake? A Verse to Help You Know Your Worth. // Wisdom Wednesday

Okay- this is straight Christian gospel today. This IS in fact, the good news. Did you know that is what the word ‘gospel’ means? The Good News! Today is all about the good news.
Another fun fact- did you know there are not just 10 commandments? In fact, there are 613 spanning over Torah, the old testament. It was God’s 1st covenant with His chosen people- the Israelites- the Jews. He set it up because they needed law. They needed to know what God’s perfect law for them would be.
The law more than anything showed that humankind was in need of a savior.
And that was and is the good news. In a time, when the hope that was in the law from God seemed impossible to uphold, a savior came to save His people.

No More Rules! How Can We Have Faith, Not Law in God’s Family?

How does the gospel get distorted? How does the truth of grace and love get twisted into something it is not?
The approval of man. That is today’s verse. Paul says it plainly- “…If I were still trying to please man I would not be a servant of Christ.” Gal 1:10.
How many of us do this? How many churches continue to do this? Socially, things change and so to make everyone happy and receive the approval of being right without peers we make changes with no regard for God’s word, just the approval of others. Nobody wants to be labeled as unaccepting.
But if we don’t know the God, if we don’t read His word, if we don’t take the time to pour into and know His gospel then how are we to know when we are seeking the approval of man, not God’s peace?
It is easy to get tripped up and swept into modern trends and culture.

How do we know the Gospel? Do God and His Truth Change?// Wisdom Wednesday

I love the Bible. One of the absolute coolest things about the Bible is that, like God, time seems to all get blended together. The Prophets of the old testament often had no real concept of what it truly was they were prophesying about from a time standpoint. The first coming, the second coming, or all that is in between often gets folded on top of each other, yet it still sings to our hearts today just as it did 2000 years ago.

Did Jesus Get the Best Mic Drop?? How Isaiah 61 Transcends Time and Speaks Across Millenia Straight to You.

Does God want us to have vengeance or love?
You see, we are not ‘nones’- we are disciples of Christ. This means we do not operate from our sinful, very human, want to destroy people for believing ‘chickens are our spirit animal’ (or whatever the cause is) place in our human makeup.

We have been transformed, which means we operate from a place of love. Let’s look at today’s passage again-

The Hard, (but Good) Truth About Love// Wisdom Wednesday.

Proverbs just pours out wisdom, speaking of wisdom far more than any other book in the Bible. And that brings us to the question for today- What does the final line mean when it tells us, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction?” What does it mean to fear the Lord and why does that bring us knowledge, wisdom, and instruction?

What Does it Mean to Fear the Lord and Find His Wisdom? // Wisdom Wednesday.

When we are called to be the salt of the earth we are being asked to know how essential we are in seasoning this world with His essential, good flavor. What we say and how we say it must always be seasoned with the flavor and salt of grace and peace.

Seasoned with Salt? What are the Words YOU Speak Reflecting? // Today’s Wisdom Wednesday.

Today’s wisdom is why wisdom Wednesdays are even a thing. Where Can You Find Wisdom? Is it Earthly Ambition or From Above that is in your Heart?

Where Can You Find Wisdom? Is it Earthly Ambition or From Above in your Heart?

“And the Lord spoke to the fish and it vomited Jonah out upon the dry land.” Yes, that is Jonah chapter 2 verse 10 and it says exactly that in the Bible. I always get surprised about seeing some of the very honest verses in the Bible. I make a joke but really this is a wonderful story about understanding what it means to follow the will of the Lord. I make a joke but really this is aI make a joke but really this is a wonderful story. Are you walking away from the presence of the Lord? A Story About Purpose, a Big Fish, and Accepting God’s Will.

Are YOU Walking Away from the Presence of the Lord? A Story About Purpose, a Big Fish, and Accepting God’s Will.

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