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Obsessed with helping women understand what it means to be born again, talk to God, and move past religious baggage so they know their Self-Worth after the church.

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80. Tools for a Life of Faith with Vanessa Szanto

August 25, 2023

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Today, we are talking about the essential tools that we need in living out our faith with my longest and one of my closest friends, Vanessa Szanto. Vanessa has been hugely instrumental in my walk with faith. No two faith journeys are the same, but there are tools we can all pack into our toolkits to help us on this adventure of our walk with God.

You will hear in Vanessa’s voice just how much she loves the Lord and how vital sharing that love with others is to her.

I hope this episode moves you, changes you, and helps you pack those tools on your journey with Jesus that can find, live, and share faith.

Advice for those finding faith from Vanessa…

I would just encourage her to start in the gospels. The Bible is divided into two sections, Old and New Testament. The New Testament. Um, with the Gospel of Matthew – it’s a great place to begin. I’m kind of a wordy person, so I always like Matthew cause he gave a lot of words. If you’re not as wordy, maybe start in Luke.

Read one of the gospels. Find out who Jesus is, and you’re gonna see that as you read about his life and his interactions with his people.

~Vanessa Szanto

With love, Shelby Hohsfield

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