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When we are called to be the salt of the earth we are being asked to know how essential we are in seasoning this world with His essential, good flavor. What we say and how we say it must always be seasoned with the flavor and salt of grace and peace.

Seasoned with Salt? What are the Words YOU Speak Reflecting? // Today’s Wisdom Wednesday.

Today’s Challenge will take you from religion to relationship…But in today’s challenge, if you chose to accept it, try reading the bible as we discussed.

Spend as little as 5 minutes reading His word. Pick a spot. It does not have to be in order. In between clients at the salon, I’ll often pop open my pocket bible to psalms and read just one. Then take a few minutes to talk to God about it. What questions do you have for Him? What are your worries? What are your praises? Then do what the Bible tells us and meditate on His word. Think about what you read and let your heart be open to what it says to you. Sometimes it takes days, months years before it all makes sense.
God’s timing is perfect.
Just open your heart to His perfect will.

Are You Opening your Heart to God? How to Build a Relationship vs Religion.

Today’s wisdom is why wisdom Wednesdays are even a thing. Where Can You Find Wisdom? Is it Earthly Ambition or From Above that is in your Heart?

Where Can You Find Wisdom? Is it Earthly Ambition or From Above in your Heart?

How to Start a Jesus Journey. Are you ready to Find Faith?

Finding Faith.
I remember so many times growing up being around gals who had faith. It was just something in the way they were so at peace. I, on the other hand, was a constant questioner. Faith was not my strong point.
But it is so beautiful how God never gives up on us. Faith is something that comes when we learn to trust in Him.Today, we are talking about the foundational pillar of this podcast- How do we start a Jesus journey. Are you ready to Find Faith?

How to Start a Jesus Journey. Are you ready to Find Faith?

Christian Women, Jesus Journey, Finding Faith Above

Today is going to be a different kind of Episode. In fact, this whole podcast is about to go through a bit of a change, a transformation to a bit more of a peaceful place.
I have been praying.
I have really been asking God to help me.
I know when I ask, truly ask for help I also have to be open to listening. Obedience is what He asks for. A good friend reminded me the other day that He doesn’t promise success, but He does ask for obedience. In that comes trust.
Why should you care? Well, this whole podcast is for you and it’s changing. Hang tight. I’ll get there.

3 Need-to-Know Steps to Faith. Honest Truth! A Shift in this Podcast that May Surprise you.

Just because we become Christian does not mean our walk is a straightforward path. Our Guest today started with no God in her life, new-age, Scientology. In fact, she likens herself to Paul. He was against Christians and then had a radical transformation to become one.
But life is not simple and we all have our vulnerabilities.
In this two-part episode we are going to follow Athena Dean Holtz on a journey from God-hating, Scientology, a Christian awakening, vulnerable spots of deception, a 13-year walk in a toxic and restrictive cult and then God’s amazing, redeeming love.

Was I Part of a Toxic, Restrictive Cult? From a God Hater to Redeemed.

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