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Today is going to be a different kind of Episode. In fact, this whole podcast is about to go through a bit of a change, a transformation to a bit more of a peaceful place.
I have been praying.
I have really been asking God to help me.
I know when I ask, truly ask for help I also have to be open to listening. Obedience is what He asks for. A good friend reminded me the other day that He doesn’t promise success, but He does ask for obedience. In that comes trust.
Why should you care? Well, this whole podcast is for you and it’s changing. Hang tight. I’ll get there.

3 Need-to-Know Steps to Faith. Honest Truth! A Shift in this Podcast that May Surprise you.

Today is the show’s 50th episode. I can’t believe it! This has been such an exciting journey.
Let me just take you all back a minute.
2020 rocked most of our lives. It was a wild ride. For me, it meant a faith transformation like I had never thought possible. Somewhere in the mix of all the trying to figure out how to keep going I listened to a podcast where there was a guest named Stef Gass. She was a podcast coach, but she did something totally different than all the other self-help and business coaches were saying. She talked about making God in charge of your life and business and living your God-led calling.
I knew God needed to be the center of my life. I had already told Him whatever He wanted me to do I would do.
Little did I know that He was about to tell me that my calling was going to be to talk to and help ladies that had left the church I had been avoiding for the last 20 years.
Sometimes He can have a sense of humor, but when God speaks, I learned it is best to listen.

Can’t Believe I’m Here! Top 10 Lessons Learned 50 Episodes into this Ex-Mormon Christian Show.

Finding Faith Above 2021 Recap fo the year.

Does anyone else think 2021 seems like the bad hangover of 2020? I can say, 2020 was the hardest, yet the best year of my life. I don’t know anyone that can say 2021 has been a normal year. But I have been holding back…

2021 Recap- What I Did This Year and Be the First to Know What is Next!

Dear beautiful girl,

I wanted to talk to you today from the bottom of my heart.

I wanted to talk to you, beautiful girl who is wrestling with faith.

You, who have wondered what faith even is, why some people just seem to have it, and why you just have none.

You, who have been angry at religion, angry at church, angry at those who lied to you, angry … at God.

Beautiful girl, I want to talk to you, the girl who has left everything you knew about God behind and is desperately looking for the truth.

Ep 1: I Rejected God for Decades. Why and How I Finally Came Home to Him– My Faith Journey – Welcome to the Finding Faith Above podcast.

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