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Are You Opening your Heart to God? How to Build a Relationship vs Religion.

April 25, 2022

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Do We Have a Hardened Heart?

We all remember the story of Moses in Egypt. Pharoh had a hardened heart and would not listen to Moses as he spoke God’s wishes.

This story was thousands of years ago and at the beginning of the Bible, but its words ring true even today.

Are we open to hearing God’s will? Are we allowing Him to speak to us in a way that matters? Or are we closing our hearts, minds, and eyes to see what He is putting in front of us?

Today’s question:

Are You Opening your Heart to God? And How do we Build a Relationship vs Religion?

Here are 3 Steps to make it Happen…

3 Steps to opening our hearts and beginning a relationship with God.

1. It’s okay to question… so long as you are okay with the answer.

In so much of religion, it is discouraged to question. Having questions for God, about God, about teachings, or why we do what we do is discouraged. We should never question God, right?

There are many stories in the Bible, particularly in the old testament where things did not go so well for those who questioned God.

So let’s make a distinction here- if God speaks, you listen. If, on the other hand, man speaks, it’s okay to want to know where these teachings truly come from. It’s also okay to want to know more. Do you believe God is speaking to you or not?

I say this because sometimes it is not always easy to know if it is God working through others to move you, to help you, to guide you.

How do we know then what is from Him? We have to test it against His Word.

He speaks to us through His Word. If what we are questioning contradicts His word then it is not from Him.

And that is the big one to remember for Step 1- It is okay to question, but you have to open to His answers.

When you start reading His Word and looking for answers to your questions, be open to the truth that He gives you. Read it fully open to what He has to say back to those questions.

The truth of Him will always be revealed.

2. Read His Word with an Open Heart

Questioning should naturally lead you here- to the place where we find HIS answers. We always have to be careful when anyone applies their understanding to the words on the pages.

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.”

Proverbs 3:5

The Bible is so much more than a book. It is this amazing tool to converse with the Creator of the Universe. It’s like… a porthole… a telescope… a tool that shows reality… none of these are doing His word justice… it truly is living word.

Each person who reads it will receive His words for them at that moment from God. It is layered with meaning so that it can speak to every person on this Earth for all the years and still be His perfect Word.

When we open the pages we cannot put our spin on it. We have to care about putting others’ spin on the words written in black and red.

We have to come to it with a spirit of openness to know what layer our Creator has for us to know today. The question should be, what is His message to us at this moment? Not what does someone else want you to know about the words, but rather, what does His Word have for you?

That is how we should read the Bible.

Don’t get me wrong, a good bible study with someone who has spent time in His word can be invaluable. He puts those people in our lives in His perfect time to guide us.

But remember that nothing replaces the time you spend, just you with Him.

3. Spend Time with Him

Just as we build a relationship with friends, family, and others in this world through time, we must do the same when we are building a relationship with God.

Where do we find Him?

Through time meditating over His word and talking to Him.

It is as simple as it comes and I’m sure you have heard it before- read the bible and pray.

You talk to Him in prayer. He speaks to you in His word. It’s a two-way street and it builds a relationship, trust, understanding, and so much peace in our hearts.

Today’s Challenge will take you from religion to relationship…

But in today’s challenge, if you chose to accept it, try reading the bible as we discussed.

Spend as little as 5 minutes reading His word. Pick a spot. It does not have to be in order. In between clients at the salon, I’ll often pop open my pocket bible to psalms and read just one. Then take a few minutes to talk to God about it. What questions do you have for Him? What are your worries? What are your praises? Then do what the Bible tells us and meditate on His word. Think about what you read and let your heart be open to what it says to you. Sometimes it takes days, months years before it all makes sense.

God’s timing is perfect.

Just open your heart to His perfect will.

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With love, Shelby Hohsfield

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