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Today is the show’s 50th episode. I can’t believe it! This has been such an exciting journey.
Let me just take you all back a minute.
2020 rocked most of our lives. It was a wild ride. For me, it meant a faith transformation like I had never thought possible. Somewhere in the mix of all the trying to figure out how to keep going I listened to a podcast where there was a guest named Stef Gass. She was a podcast coach, but she did something totally different than all the other self-help and business coaches were saying. She talked about making God in charge of your life and business and living your God-led calling.
I knew God needed to be the center of my life. I had already told Him whatever He wanted me to do I would do.
Little did I know that He was about to tell me that my calling was going to be to talk to and help ladies that had left the church I had been avoiding for the last 20 years.
Sometimes He can have a sense of humor, but when God speaks, I learned it is best to listen.

Can’t Believe I’m Here! Top 10 Lessons Learned 50 Episodes into this Ex-Mormon Christian Show.

A Story of Faith from Ex-LDS and New Believer, Sara Jimenez.

How hard is it to trust God? After we leave the thing that was supposed to be our salvation, how do we ever put trust in God again? Today we are talking to Sara Jimenez.Sara spent all her time doing everything she could to earn God’s favor in order to make her life better and got nowhere.
She gave up on God and religion.
And when she was angriest with God, the most broken that is when she felt His love.
It is not about earning His favor. It’s about trusting Him to bring peace in hearts even at the hardest times. Trusting Him that those hard times may even be what brings us to Him. Trusting Him with our lives and souls. This is a story of faith.

How Hard is it to Trust God?

We can’t see Him. Seeing is often believing so how are we supposed to trust that He exists? How are we supposed to know He is all around us?
Just believe? A feeling?
Is there evidence of God? Today, we are looking at two Bible passages that might just hold the answer.

Is There Evidence of God? Three Passages That May Surprise YOU.

He never leaves us and He will never forsake us. Today’s episode is a bit heavy. Our guest Klarice went through some exceptionally hard times. This episode deals with depression, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts. But more than that it deals with God’s love and His grace.

At the lowest moment of her journey, God’s miracle was waiting and Klarice’s life and heart were never the same. She grew up in a prominent family in a small town with a large LDS community. She had a large loving family, but all the while was hiding a secret of depression and lack of self-worth.

It took years and some very hard times for things to change. This is a story of redemption and proof that God is there, just waiting for us.

How He Helps the Broken. Can our Moment of Desperation Become our Saving Grace?

Have you felt the tug of depression? Statistically, one in six women in the United States is on an anti-depressant. Not good odds. And all the self-help stuff often has only temporary relief, if not lasting negative effects. It becomes negative because the focus of all self-help goes back to one, solitary problem- ourselves. It always relies on us tapping into this strength we have somewhere inside us and suddenly snapping out of it. Then, when we can’t find this strength or it doesn’t last we are left feeling more deficient, more lost, less equipped, and more broken. Ladies, It takes a true mind-shift to gain mental peace and that can’t be found in self-help books, the latest motivational trend, or even within our strength. This mind shift happens when the most amazing moment comes and you realize you were never meant to be the strong one. In fact, you were meant to surrender. His will is strong enough to move mountains. All we have to do is give it to Him.
The guest we have on the show today has focused all her work in Christ to make that mind shift. Lauren Roskilly is a woman who has walked through the fire, been in the depths of depression and illness and has risen above on His strength. With a renewed sense of purpose, she now lives in His purpose taking direction from God alone on where to serve. Lauren is a mum of two beautiful children. She has a BA Hons in Health and social care and also a diploma in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). She is the author of the book, ‘Christian-based Cognitive Behavioral therapy’, a Christian Life Coach, she helps people to recognize and overcome limiting beliefs & negative mindsets and help them to discover and step into their God-given purpose.

his episode spoke volumes to me and willing to be it will for you also.

How to go from Depression to Living in Purpose. Do YOU Need CBT? An Intro to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

We grew up having maybe a bit too much religion. Some of us would even say it was shoved down our throats. The last thing we want to do is do that to our kids, but how do we do God with them? 
I was afraid of doing too much and inadvertently deprived my kids of knowing the love of Jesus. Is that what we want? Absolutely not. 
Today we are talking about sharing Jesus with our kids and a simple way to know the love of Jesus with our kids. 

Introducing YOUR kids to Jesus. Are you afraid of too much? Three Simple Ways to Know the Love of Jesus.

Are you on a Jesus Journey? Better yet, do you have a relationship with our Lord? We can do all the works, go to church, fulfill callings, learn about church and about gospel, but are we taking the time to know Him?
Today, we are hearing the story of a former LDS member, and ex-Mormon mama and wife, Liz Lowder who decided to do just that, build a relationship. It started while she was still in the church, but now overflows into all parts of her life.
It is not easy to get out of the mindset of working for His love, but we always have to remember, His love He freely gives.

Are YOU on a Jesus Journey? How to Build a Relationship with our Lord and Savior.

“And the Lord spoke to the fish and it vomited Jonah out upon the dry land.” Yes, that is Jonah chapter 2 verse 10 and it says exactly that in the Bible. I always get surprised about seeing some of the very honest verses in the Bible. I make a joke but really this is a wonderful story about understanding what it means to follow the will of the Lord. I make a joke but really this is aI make a joke but really this is a wonderful story. Are you walking away from the presence of the Lord? A Story About Purpose, a Big Fish, and Accepting God’s Will.

Are YOU Walking Away from the Presence of the Lord? A Story About Purpose, a Big Fish, and Accepting God’s Will.

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