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We grew up having maybe a bit too much religion. Some of us would even say it was shoved down our throats. The last thing we want to do is do that to our kids, but how do we do God with them? 
I was afraid of doing too much and inadvertently deprived my kids of knowing the love of Jesus. Is that what we want? Absolutely not. 
Today we are talking about sharing Jesus with our kids and a simple way to know the love of Jesus with our kids. 

Introducing YOUR kids to Jesus. Are you afraid of too much? Three Simple Ways to Know the Love of Jesus.

When we come to know Jesus we just can’t help it, we want to share it everywhere. We also want our loved ones to know the truth.
When talking to loved ones or really anyone still in the church it is so incredibly tempting to just tell them all the facts. You want to share all the truth you have uncovered about church history, reliability, lies, facts, deception- truth.
But here is today’s big question- does sharing all the deep, dark dirty facts get others closer to Jesus? Does it help us? Is it what Jesus would want us to do?
Today we are talking about the consequences of sharing too much too soon with members and what Jesus truly wants. Wondering How to Talk to YOUR Family Still in the Church About Faith? Here is the Secret that May Open the Door to Truth.

Wondering How to Talk to YOUR Family Still in the Church About Faith? Here is the Secret that May Open the Door to Truth.

Many of you are just coming to walk with Jesus. It can be tricky figuring out how to bring God into all aspects of our home, and our life. Today we are talking with professional organizer and certified holistic health specialist, Natalie Mel. What do we get rid of, what do we keep and what do we set our foundation on?
Natalie is going to walk us through all this and more about her walk with God and inviting God into all aspects of her life.

Creating a Holy and Holistic Home. How to Bring God into your Home and Life,

Today we are talking about the biggest struggle we face when we leave the church- family; its place with God, hurting loved ones, and having the courage to talk in the face of worldly shame.
Let me just share this before we go further-
This episode is going to be about validating. I don’t have the answers. I have been so blessed to talk to so many women who have left the church. I listen to their stories and I listen to their struggles. I wish I could say I could fix their number one concern, but I can’t. What I can do and what I plan to do in this podcast today is share some likely scenarios you may face or be facing after leaving religion.
And then I’m going to give you some words from God. He is the peace in the storm.

The Biggest Struggle After Leaving the Church- Family and the Courage to Talk.

As we launch into his holiday season, some of us may be having a slight panic attack thinking of facing family members at the Thanksgiving or Christmas table.

The judgment. The pitty. The worry. The shame. The guilt. The anger. The lack of forgiveness.

So before the turkey comes out and all gloves are off at the table, let’s go over 3 Super Key Things to Do and Remember while Risking Rejection at the Holiday Table, so you Can be the one to Bring the Peace this Season.

Are you Risking Rejection at the Holiday Table? 3 Bible Truths to Bring Peace.

It is easy to say one’s belief is personal to them and if they have that belief, who am I or anyone else to change that? Playing devil’s advocate, that is my husband’s argument. We talked about his cousin who has recently decided to convert from catholicism and become a Muslim. He has a belief in that doctrine after studying the religion. My dad has a belief in Mormonism. He believes in that and all the doctrine that comes with it.

It might be easy to see me and say, “She now believes in Christ.” And, yes, that is true. I do believe in Christ as my savior, but it is so much more.


Faith vs Belief. How to Know the Difference.

I admit I used to consider myself a total self-help junkie. The world wants to tell you you just need to dig deep and find the strength within. You can do all things if you just focus enough, plan right, have the motivation, do the thing from this mystical inner strength that is just supposed to exist within you. I believed that and simultaneously thought there was just something inherently wrong with me that I could not make this happen. Why could everyone else do this? In an effort to give me all the confidence and inner strength, these self-help concepts left me feeling like a failure. If I was supposed to have all the power to do this on my own, why was I consistently grasping at straws to keep myself together?? Where was this inner strength? Why was I unable to make it all happen and feeling lost in the process. More in this episode…

Does Being a Christian Jive with Self-Help? What Does the Bible Say About Self-Help? How to Tackle Self-Help and Allow for God’s Will.

When we walk away from everything we ever knew about who we through God is we can feel very lost for a long time. How do we support someone who is lost in life? How do we help ourselves when we are there? We have to learn to respect God’s timing and His process. Not everything is going to flow the way we think it should. His will be done. We also have to re-train ourselves to know that our feelings are our gauge, not our guide. We have to learn to turn to the word for answers and to know Him, not base our decisions on feelings as they can lead us astray. We don’t have all the answers. God wants to be our guide. And lastly, we need to learn to be still. To trust in Him to work it all out. Learn to understand surrender.

What to do When We are Lost in Life After Leaving the Church? 3 Ways to Help and Why I Left the Church? Support, Lost, Friendship

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