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In today’s Podcast we are discussing;How do we go about leading someone to the Lord? Can we give someone faith? What you need to know. As we all move forward to grow in our relationship with Jesus and further our faith, I challenge all of you, including myself, to remember these three things- Let judgment aside. That is not our job. Love. Love God and love each other. Show everyone, even those that drive us crazy, show them love. And lastly, lead by example. The example is what will lead others to the Lord.

How to Lead Someone to the Lord. What you need to know… Judgment, Love, Example

Have you ever wanted something so bad? Wanted to win that game, buy that car, move into that house? Has achieving things and receiving the recognition ever taken over.

I think we have all been guilty of this from time to time, but When our thought process is set on achievement is there room for God, and can we earn our way?

That is the focus of today’s post- We will dive into how the achievement mentality filters over from works-based religion, how even after we leave this sticks with you and how the world reinforces it. More importantly, we will discuss the 3 bible truths that will help us change our mindset from a focus of all personal success and move forward with grace.

Can we Earn our way? 3 Big Truths about Achievement and Striving for Personal Success.

Are our past experiences too big? Do all our trials mean we still have grace? How do we use the things we have been through to help others?

In today’s episode, we are talking to Cristina Emigh from the Chat-worthy podcast. This is an amazing story of redemption and God’s undying love and grace. Cristina has a big story and God has used her story in even bigger ways.

This podcast deals with some sensitive issues such as suicidal thoughts and post-abortion emotions. If you are sensitive to these topics please be mindful of the content. Cristina is very open about her experiences and how He has used this story for good.

Grace for Ourselves. Learning to use our Story to Save Others. Grace After Fire.

When we walk away from everything we ever knew about who we through God is we can feel very lost for a long time. How do we support someone who is lost in life? How do we help ourselves when we are there? We have to learn to respect God’s timing and His process. Not everything is going to flow the way we think it should. His will be done. We also have to re-train ourselves to know that our feelings are our gauge, not our guide. We have to learn to turn to the word for answers and to know Him, not base our decisions on feelings as they can lead us astray. We don’t have all the answers. God wants to be our guide. And lastly, we need to learn to be still. To trust in Him to work it all out. Learn to understand surrender.

What to do When We are Lost in Life After Leaving the Church? 3 Ways to Help and Why I Left the Church? Support, Lost, Friendship

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