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Courage to step up

What is courage? 
Maybe it is the opposite of fear. Strength in the face of all that could derail us. Being brave. The cowardly lion from the wizard of oz was in search of it looking for what he called the nerve. But courage is within all of our grasps. Even the Cowardly Lion is capable of courage. 
Today we are looking at the three steps to having courage so you may face your fears with God at the wheel.

Three Steps to Having Courage so you May Face your Fears.

Peace I Give You- Oil Painting

The dictionary tells us the definition of peace is freedom from disturbance; tranquility. We usually take that as having no chaos in our lives, being free from any heartache, craziness, or difficulty. But what if I was to tell you that true peace happens in the heart? Yes, True peace is the feeling of calm, the feeling of love even in the eye of the storm. What does this mean and how do we get there, that is what today’s episode is all about.

A Peace That Surpasses All Understanding. How to Understand Peace in our Hearts.

Today I have 2 confessions, 5 reasons you should read the bible every day, 4 bits of homework, and the answer that will change your life. We are talking all about why we should read the bible every day and how we can make it a daily practice. Will a make a difference in your life? Let’s get into it.

Should we Read the Bible Every Day? Why Read the Bible and the Peace it Can Bring.

In Chapter 3,

Paul continues to talk to the Jewish people, addressing them as those entrusted with God’s word. Can we ever be perfect? Because one has the law, does that make them less sinful? Is anyone without sin?

And then it really starts to get good….

What are we justified by???

…through faith! It’s all about His grace, friends!

Romans 3:1-31- A Reading and Study Questions- God Remains Faithful, All People Are Sinners, and Christ Took Our Punishment

This passage is all about hypocrisy and what you really should be focusing your attention on. Even as believers, there are many areas of our lives that we will fall short of, and God does not give up on us. Why would He want us to point out the sin of everyone around us when we are too prideful to admit our own? Does our denial help anyone? Do our accusations help anyone?

“Don’t you see how wonderfully kind, tolerant, and patient God is with you? Does this mean nothing to you? Can’t you see that his kindness is intended to turn you from your sin?” — Romans 2:4 NLT

Romans 2:1-29- A Reading and Study Questions- God’s Righteous Judgement and the Law

This passage is heavy, ya’ll!

And, boy, does it speak to today- in more ways than one.

This passage may be a harder one for some to work through. You may feel like you are being called out. You may be surprised that it says what it says so plainly. You may wonder why you have never heard or read this before. Possibly, pastors don’t want to be so direct in front of a whole congregation. In this passage, Paul is talking about what sin can do when we turn from Him, our minds become dark and confused. He is setting up the rest of the book of Romans to prepare you to understand salvation.

Romans 1:18-32- A Reading and Study Questions- God’s Anger at Sin

Why Read Romans? Because it is my jam! Actually, because many consider this to be the greatest literary works of all time. It lays out the Gospel, salvation, and God’s love to ALL people who come to Him. It helped me tremendously as I tend to want to be an overachiever, depend on works for worth, and have a past of believing that is how you gain God’s favor. But Romans says otherwise. Our salvation comes from what He has already done for us, not what we will ever do. We must die in the flesh, accept His gift of Grace and be reborn in the spirit of Jesus Christ. That is Romans and it is amazing.

Romans 1:1-17- A Reading and Study Questions- Greeting, A Longing to Visit Rome, and The Righteous Shall Live by Faith

Today we are talking about 7 verses to guide a tween girl. First, Baby girl, you have to listen. Listen to your parents who love you. Second, you have to deny the sins overtaking this world. You cannot let them in. You cannot become a fool. Third, you have to have hope, hope in the Lord and know that the hard times will build you up. Forth, you need to know God will help you. He is your strength. He is your refuge. Fifth, you have to know how He knows you- completely with steadfast love. Sixth, because we know this, we have to know that before we battle this world, we have to put on the armor of God. And lastly, we have to know that as we go out into the world, into this battle with our armor on, unphased, with perseverance and hope, we have to know that He changed us with the unique and beautiful task of being the light to shine before men. Praise be to our Father in Heaven.

A Bible Lesson with my Baby (Tween) Girl- 7 Verses- Biblical Advice for a Tween Girl in Today’s World

Have you ever wanted something so bad? Wanted to win that game, buy that car, move into that house? Has achieving things and receiving the recognition ever taken over.

I think we have all been guilty of this from time to time, but When our thought process is set on achievement is there room for God, and can we earn our way?

That is the focus of today’s post- We will dive into how the achievement mentality filters over from works-based religion, how even after we leave this sticks with you and how the world reinforces it. More importantly, we will discuss the 3 bible truths that will help us change our mindset from a focus of all personal success and move forward with grace.

Can we Earn our way? 3 Big Truths about Achievement and Striving for Personal Success.

I can’t bring you to the place where you understand what it truly means to surrender. I can’t make you have faith. I can’t give you that. That is found in the relationship you have with God and God alone. But Today pretty girl I will not leave you open-handed. We are talking about the number one thing you need to do right now to start your journey towards finding faith above.

Is the Bible Real? Can I trust it? The number one thing you can do to know Jesus today.

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