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In today’s Podcast we are discussing;How do we go about leading someone to the Lord? Can we give someone faith? What you need to know. As we all move forward to grow in our relationship with Jesus and further our faith, I challenge all of you, including myself, to remember these three things- Let judgment aside. That is not our job. Love. Love God and love each other. Show everyone, even those that drive us crazy, show them love. And lastly, lead by example. The example is what will lead others to the Lord.

How to Lead Someone to the Lord. What you need to know… Judgment, Love, Example

If you grew up like me you may have witnessed firsthand all the positive, the negative, the trials, freedom, heartache, loss, and possibly triumph involved leaving the only thing you ever knew about God. It is not an easy road. This is my experience, and while it is unique to me, I have found through talking to so many men and women who left the Church there are similarities in our stories. These Stages of Grief are common and part of the landscape of this unique journey we call faith. And here is the question… Did you leave God? Did God leave you? We are unpacking the stages of grief after leaving the church in today’s podcast. Let’s dive in.

Did you Leave God? The Stages of Grief and the Surprising Truth After Women Leave the Church.

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