Did you Leave God? The Stages of Grief and the Surprising Truth After Women Leave the Church.

Aug 20, 2021


The Stages of Grief and Did you walk away from God like most of us?  At Finding Faith Above I help women find Jesus after they have left the church. findingfaithabove.com

The Stages of Grief and Did you walk away from God like most of us? 

If you grew up like me you may have witnessed firsthand all the positive, the negative, the trials, freedom, heartache, loss, and possibly triumph involved leaving the only thing you ever knew about God. It is not an easy road. This is my experience, and while it is unique to me, I have found through talking to so many men and women who left the Church there are similarities in our stories. These Stages of Grief are common and part of the landscape of this unique journey we call faith. And here is the question… Did you leave God? Did God leave you? We are unpacking the stages of grief after leaving the church in today’s podcast. Let’s dive in. Doubt, loss, anger, seeking, surrender, miracles, peace.


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The reason behind every one of my episodes comes from past experiences, real life questions, and struggles I have been through as an exmo (gal who left religion). 
Want to know more about how this came about and resources that helped me get to the other side of faith? 

Do you want to comment, share, laugh and cry about your faith journey with others who get it? 
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One of the absolute hardest things to do after leaving the church is navigating what you actually believe. 
What is left over baggage and what is truth?
In this audio training we brake down 10 things I wish I had known when beginning this journey. These are things all those who want to know Jesus should know.

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