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Peace I Give You- Oil Painting

The dictionary tells us the definition of peace is freedom from disturbance; tranquility. We usually take that as having no chaos in our lives, being free from any heartache, craziness, or difficulty. But what if I was to tell you that true peace happens in the heart? Yes, True peace is the feeling of calm, the feeling of love even in the eye of the storm. What does this mean and how do we get there, that is what today’s episode is all about.

A Peace That Surpasses All Understanding. How to Understand Peace in our Hearts.

At one of those low moments in life, Pooja Chilukuri found herself questioning God while sitting in her closet. Jesus’ peace was overwhelming and from that point on, Pooja’s outlook took a shift toward the real God and His unending love. Transformations don’t happen overnight, but the shift is real and that is where the change begins. Let’s get into it.

Is Jesus Speaking to me? Hearing God’s Voice.

We are all about to get together for a big ‘ol feast. Many of us are stressed about getting the meal on the table, the mess we have to clean up or what crazy inappropriate thing is aunt sally going to say this year. It is easy for us to get consumed by the worry of it all. The hustle and bustle of all the holidays leave us wondering what we do it all for.

This Thanksgiving let’s reframe it a bit and switch it back to what the word thanksgiving means in the OT.

What is the Meaning of Thanksgiving for Christians? Give Thanks with Purpose.

It’s funny. When asked one of the number one things many people say is the most uncomfortable time during Thanksgiving is the prayer. Prayers should not make us uncomfortable! We are actually told in the bible not to worry about everything and to pray, yet the prayer is what has got us worried?!?!

That is backward if I have ever heard anything.

But when there is a specific way to our prayer that fits more in line with tradition than authenticity- well let’s just say it makes those who left that tradition/ religion/ church have moments of ugh, rather than peace with the Lord.

What all does a prayer need to include?

Is There a Way I am Supposed to Pray? How to Pray according to the Bible. Simple Prayers.

Have you ever questioned God’s faithfulness? This episode is for you. God’s Steadfast Love is there even when we change. He invites us with open doors and open arms. He is living water and refreshment for our soul.

Gina Duke is an award-winning author, speaker, strategy coach, and podcast host of the Gina Duke Show. She is the Christian author of Abingdon Press’s book Organizing Your Prayer Closet that introduces the gift of structured prayer journaling. Gina helps Christian women grow in faith, order, and influence as leaders in both ministry and the marketplace. She is a content provider for iDisciple, Jennifer Rothschild’s Womensministry.net, and Proverbs31 Ministries’ latest devotional, Hope When Your Heart is Heavy.

Disappointed with God? What does it Mean to Return to His Steadfast Love.

As we launch into his holiday season, some of us may be having a slight panic attack thinking of facing family members at the Thanksgiving or Christmas table.

The judgment. The pitty. The worry. The shame. The guilt. The anger. The lack of forgiveness.

So before the turkey comes out and all gloves are off at the table, let’s go over 3 Super Key Things to Do and Remember while Risking Rejection at the Holiday Table, so you Can be the one to Bring the Peace this Season.

Are you Risking Rejection at the Holiday Table? 3 Bible Truths to Bring Peace.

In Chapter 3,

Paul continues to talk to the Jewish people, addressing them as those entrusted with God’s word. Can we ever be perfect? Because one has the law, does that make them less sinful? Is anyone without sin?

And then it really starts to get good….

What are we justified by???

…through faith! It’s all about His grace, friends!

Romans 3:1-31- A Reading and Study Questions- God Remains Faithful, All People Are Sinners, and Christ Took Our Punishment

It is easy to say one’s belief is personal to them and if they have that belief, who am I or anyone else to change that? Playing devil’s advocate, that is my husband’s argument. We talked about his cousin who has recently decided to convert from catholicism and become a Muslim. He has a belief in that doctrine after studying the religion. My dad has a belief in Mormonism. He believes in that and all the doctrine that comes with it.

It might be easy to see me and say, “She now believes in Christ.” And, yes, that is true. I do believe in Christ as my savior, but it is so much more.


Faith vs Belief. How to Know the Difference.

This passage is all about hypocrisy and what you really should be focusing your attention on. Even as believers, there are many areas of our lives that we will fall short of, and God does not give up on us. Why would He want us to point out the sin of everyone around us when we are too prideful to admit our own? Does our denial help anyone? Do our accusations help anyone?

“Don’t you see how wonderfully kind, tolerant, and patient God is with you? Does this mean nothing to you? Can’t you see that his kindness is intended to turn you from your sin?” — Romans 2:4 NLT

Romans 2:1-29- A Reading and Study Questions- God’s Righteous Judgement and the Law

Just keep going. Build your relationship and you will find the right people, the right church to build you up, and where you will equally build them up. Together you will be the church Jesus intended us to have and spread His love.

“We are called to create that community and support each other, but it can’t supersede that relationship with Him because that is always going to be with us. Whereas, we don’t know what the group of people is going to be around us. It’s a balance… careful appreciation for both because we need both. ”

— Patricia Sung

The Importance of Having People and Church for your Faith. Do you Need Community?

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