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How to pray

I have spent the last week talking to all of you ladies. It’s been emotional. In the last episode, we talked about those families and how incredibly hard it is when we leave the church and all the dynamics of the relationships. The aftermath, if you will. Talking with you all broke my heart in so many ways. But another theme was present with all of you. Prayer. If you had found Jesus and were building a relationship with Him, you had a good Christian friend that has sat and prayed with you. Many of you said, “I had never heard a prayer like that!” If you are still searching and trying to navigate this post-Mormon or post religion landscape you flat out said, “I don’t know how to pray. How do you speak to Him and how does He speak to you?” So instead of airing an interview today, I decided we needed to do something else- we need to pray.

A Prayer for our Families- How do I Pray?

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