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Can we trust the Bible?
This was the question we talked in depth about in the last episode, 8 Reasons Why YOU Can Trust the Bible, and today we are talking to Amy Van Vogt- mama, wife, Ex-LDS, Biblical theology student, and massive enthusiast of reading God’s word.
Like me, Amy went a long time stuck in a bad theological mindset years after leaving the church when one day God showed her another way.
Now, self-admitted, get her talking about the Bible and she can’t stop.
Today’s question:
Is the Bible Cool? Should YOU Do Lessons or Just Read?

Is the Bible Cool? Should YOU Do Lessons or Just Read? Interview with Ex-LDS and Biblical Theology Student, Amy Van Vogt

That is the first and one of the most fundamental Christian Beliefs that we need to tackle in this series because the Bible is the foundation for literally everything that comes after.
We were taught it was untrustworthy.
Today, we are changing that.

Can I Trust the Bible? Here are 8 Reasons Why. //Basic Christian Beliefs Every Exmo and New Believer Needs to Know.

How does the gospel get distorted? How does the truth of grace and love get twisted into something it is not?
The approval of man. That is today’s verse. Paul says it plainly- “…If I were still trying to please man I would not be a servant of Christ.” Gal 1:10.
How many of us do this? How many churches continue to do this? Socially, things change and so to make everyone happy and receive the approval of being right without peers we make changes with no regard for God’s word, just the approval of others. Nobody wants to be labeled as unaccepting.
But if we don’t know the God, if we don’t read His word, if we don’t take the time to pour into and know His gospel then how are we to know when we are seeking the approval of man, not God’s peace?
It is easy to get tripped up and swept into modern trends and culture.

How do we know the Gospel? Do God and His Truth Change?// Wisdom Wednesday

I love the Bible. One of the absolute coolest things about the Bible is that, like God, time seems to all get blended together. The Prophets of the old testament often had no real concept of what it truly was they were prophesying about from a time standpoint. The first coming, the second coming, or all that is in between often gets folded on top of each other, yet it still sings to our hearts today just as it did 2000 years ago.

Did Jesus Get the Best Mic Drop?? How Isaiah 61 Transcends Time and Speaks Across Millenia Straight to You.

You have found Jesus. You realize He has been waiting for you the whole time, and now you are binging these episodes learning who God is, how to live a Christian life, and how to build a stronger relationship with God where Jesus truly knows you and you know Him. You’re learning, growing, and living as a Christian woman. It hasn’t been easy ditching all those old, bad beliefs about God and religion after leaving the church, but slowly but surely God has held your hand. You still have so much more growth to go, but you know that you know you are transformed, reborn and you belong to God. And now what? You start to get this little tingle. You want to share. Not just a little share, but you want everyone to know God’s love. The great commission. The last thing Jesus asked us to do in Mathew 28- bring Jesus and His good news to the world. You are not sure how, but you know He has equipped you in His perfect way. You know you are different since you came to Him, but just how different are you and could this difference of the Holy Spirit in you be more than just a guide? What are Spiritual Gifts, Anyway?

Do YOU have a Super Power? What are Spiritual Gifts and How to Discover Yours?

You are strong enough, big enough, enough.
The self-help world is full of these affirmations.You don’t have to take my word for it- today we are talking with Carla Arges, host of the podcast and ministry, Affirming Truths where she brings the kind of affirmations that work- faith-based and rooted in building a relationship with our creator. You are going to love this one…
Are we truly enough? What affirmations speak and transform

Affirmations that Work! How to Use God’s Strength to Fight Life’s Biggest Battles, Interview with Carla Arges

Does God want us to have vengeance or love?
You see, we are not ‘nones’- we are disciples of Christ. This means we do not operate from our sinful, very human, want to destroy people for believing ‘chickens are our spirit animal’ (or whatever the cause is) place in our human makeup.

We have been transformed, which means we operate from a place of love. Let’s look at today’s passage again-

The Hard, (but Good) Truth About Love// Wisdom Wednesday.

Guilt. It’s a heavy topic and heavy on our shoulders. You used to live by all the rules that man created.
You left all that, but why do you still get this immense pang of guilt when you order non-fat soy late with extra whip or pick up the bottle of wine with the cows with cute parachutes on the label at the supermarket?
Why the guilt? Will it always feel like this?
Today’s question:
How do we change our mindset, ditch the guilt and enjoy a Christian lifestyle all at the same time?

Ditch the Guilt and Enjoy the Margarita. 4 Steps to a Mindset Shift that Busts Guilt and Brings Grace.

Proverbs just pours out wisdom, speaking of wisdom far more than any other book in the Bible. And that brings us to the question for today- What does the final line mean when it tells us, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction?” What does it mean to fear the Lord and why does that bring us knowledge, wisdom, and instruction?

What Does it Mean to Fear the Lord and Find His Wisdom? // Wisdom Wednesday.

You can not truly give anyone faith. Faith comes from trust, from surrender, from a relationship with our Creator. But what we can do, should do, were commanded to do is the great commission…
“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…” Mathew 28:19
The last thing Jesus told His followers to do is to go out and make Him known!

Help! Can Someone Give me Directions? What is MY Purpose in Life?

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