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Finding Faith Above 2021 Recap fo the year.

Does anyone else think 2021 seems like the bad hangover of 2020? I can say, 2020 was the hardest, yet the best year of my life. I don’t know anyone that can say 2021 has been a normal year. But I have been holding back…

2021 Recap- What I Did This Year and Be the First to Know What is Next!

Peace I Give You- Oil Painting

The dictionary tells us the definition of peace is freedom from disturbance; tranquility. We usually take that as having no chaos in our lives, being free from any heartache, craziness, or difficulty. But what if I was to tell you that true peace happens in the heart? Yes, True peace is the feeling of calm, the feeling of love even in the eye of the storm. What does this mean and how do we get there, that is what today’s episode is all about.

A Peace That Surpasses All Understanding. How to Understand Peace in our Hearts.

At one of those low moments in life, Pooja Chilukuri found herself questioning God while sitting in her closet. Jesus’ peace was overwhelming and from that point on, Pooja’s outlook took a shift toward the real God and His unending love. Transformations don’t happen overnight, but the shift is real and that is where the change begins. Let’s get into it.

Is Jesus Speaking to me? Hearing God’s Voice.

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