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How do we move forward when we are going through the struggles and holding onto regret?

Lay it down at the foot of the cross.

“for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose,” Phillippians 2:13

Hold onto God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. Lean on Him and know that He will hold your hand through the storm. Make no room for regret. Instead, trust. And finally, know that our purpose is to know our Lord Jesus and make Him known. Let His will be done and trust in the Lord.

Is This Supposed to be Easy? Why do Hard Things Happen and Should we Regret? Faith in Ourselves or God?

“Surrender means understanding that He is the most powerful and that I am going to live in His strength instead of my own. So, If I’m living in His strength, then I’m super powerful because I’m aligning with Him. And for me, it’s Surrendered Action. Because that is when He says, “This isn’t for you to just sit back and kick your feet up. It’s time to take action, girl! “”

Can Alcohol Be an Idol? Why Putting God First Matters. 5 Acknowledgements to Clearing the Idols and Finding Strength in the Lord.

If you grew up like me you may have witnessed firsthand all the positive, the negative, the trials, freedom, heartache, loss, and possibly triumph involved leaving the only thing you ever knew about God. It is not an easy road. This is my experience, and while it is unique to me, I have found through talking to so many men and women who left the Church there are similarities in our stories. These Stages of Grief are common and part of the landscape of this unique journey we call faith. And here is the question… Did you leave God? Did God leave you? We are unpacking the stages of grief after leaving the church in today’s podcast. Let’s dive in.

Did you Leave God? The Stages of Grief and the Surprising Truth After Women Leave the Church.

Pretty girl, I know you left a strong community. Maybe it was great, and you’re mourning it because it will never be the same now that you left. Perhaps it never felt accepted, and you struggled to fit in. Maybe you are lonely right now. Perhaps you are okay with your friends, but they are not bringing you to God.

Can We Do This Alone? Three Key Tactics for Finding Community to Build your Faith.

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