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free and life-changing

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  • The Podcast

    On this podcast, you will find amazing stories from women just like you! These are women who have been through hardship and confusion on their faith journey; Mamas, wives, women searching to feel enough in all the wrong places. You will hear how they were transformed and now learning what it means to be a Christian. You will learn the fundamentals of faith, have your deepest questions answered about God, study the bible, be inspired and hear stories that move mountains.

    This is Sunday school mixed with the best coffee talk with your girlfriends.


  • A Community of Those Seeking to Build Faith

    Do you ever feel alone in this journey? Do you ever wonder if anyone can relate to the fact that you are a grown women and just learning what it means to follow Jesus?

    You are NOT alone.

    Come join us in the private facebook group where we will do a deep dive behind each podcast episode, do live trainings, learn from each other and, best of all…

    …find fellowship in Jesus where you are not alone.


  • Breakthrough Session ~ Christian Life Coaching

    I was someone raised in a very serious religion. When I left the mormon church at 18, I also left God. For 20 years, I tried to fill that hole with all sorts of works and accolades, but I was always searching, always feeling lost, coming up short, not enough. The world wanted to tell me I could do it all on my own strength. I had the magic inside me and I was capable of doing it all, being a mom, business owner, wife, everything on my own strength. But all it got me was a feeling of failure.

    The crazy thing is, it took me 20 years of searching to realize the peaceful strength I was searching for only comes when you fully surrender. Who would have thought you have to give it all away to get the greatest gift we will ever have- to know God’s grace and the peace of Jesus.

    Together let’s heal the wounds of religion, break past the barriers that are standing in the way of your christian faith, and find out what it means to have a relationship after religion.

Looking for a Guest? Want to be a Guest?


Podcast Roundup

Here are some of the amazing shows Shelby has been on. Click on each to listen…