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  • On FFA, I interview women talking about how God has moved them, transformed them, and changed the direction of their lives. My listeners love to hear God filled stories. If you are a business owner, podcaster, blogger, author or stay at home mama this is a great place to share what you do so long as it was God working in your life to get you here, your story can help others to know God and make Him known. If you left religion, just met Jesus, regardless of where you came from, your faith journey means something. Jehovah’s Witness, Mormonism, Hinduism, Paganism, or just a shift from different Christian modalities, I have talked to women from all backgrounds and can’t wait to talk to you and learn more about the relationship you have built with Jesus after religion. Myself and my listeners would love to have you!

  • Do you know someone with an amazing story that our listeners need to hear? Some of my very favorite guests have been referrals from other amazing women. Put us in contact. You can send me their info/ facebook/ IG/ email or share mine with them.

  • It’s all about building a relationship over religion and the amazing things that happen when you walk with Him.

    For your listeners, I love to add value to their lives by sharing more about my story. I was a born entrepreneur, giving riding lessons at just 12 years old. I have owned a salon, been a permanent makeup artist, ran my own beauty school, art gallery and boutique, but until I learned what it meant to walk with Jesus none of it mattered. I left the mormon church at 18 and lived for a long time (20 years) trying to do life on my own strength. Through being a parent, God reminded me that he had been patiently waiting the whole time and it was time to surrender and walk with Him. That is when everything changed. I can help your listeners to know what it means to be a mom, wife, business owner, friend and overall person when you lay it all down, shift your focus and decide to live for an audience of One.

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