Hi there, 

I'm Shelby Hohsfield

Exmo Christian, Writer, Speaker, and unstoppable ENTHUSIAST of Living God’s Purpose after the Church.

...Because we are not giving up on Jesus after the LDS church.


Hi Friend, 

There is a good chance you came to my corner of the internet because you're curious, you're questioning things and you're coming to Him with a load of religious baggage in tow.

Am I right?

From EX-MORMON, lost for 20 years, to born again, I know a thing or two about colorful religious pasts. 

This site and all I do is dedicated to you, friend- the gal who is ready to bust through the overwhelm of what to believe, learn basic Christian beliefs, know Him and use your gifts to make Him known. 

If you're looking to build a relationship with JESUS and share Him with the World, you're in the right place.

We are on a Jesus Journey...

...you coming?

for Building a Relationship with God After Religion

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Find Faith- We are going to discuss why we should trust the Bible, who is God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, and the Trinity. We are going to talk about different theological concepts and views. We are going to learn what the word theology even means. We are going to learn about God, so we can open our hearts to trust God.

Live Faith- Here, we are going to get to know God. Once we trust Him and His word we can live in His will. We are going to build a relationship with Him. We are going to read His word and discover His Wisdom from Above.

Give Faith- The great commission- The last thing Jesus ever told us to do was to go out and make disciples of all nations. Our purpose is to know God and make Him known. How can you use your spiritual and creative God-given gifts to make that happen?



Episodes to Fuel Your Journey

This podcast is for you if you are searching for TRUTH.
We talk about healing from religious wounds, how to move forward with a relationship with Jesus after religion, and how to handle life, family, jobs, kids, while walking a Christian life.
This is the Sunday School you always wished you had.

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The reason behind every one of my episodes comes from past experiences, real life questions, and struggles I have been through as an exmo (gal who left religion). 
Want to know more about how this came about and resources that helped me get to the other side of faith? 

Do you want to comment, share, laugh and cry about your faith journey with others who get it? 
We talk about how the episodes affect us and all the trials, struggles and wins we experience on the winding road of faith. 

One of the absolute hardest things to do after leaving the church is navigating what you actually believe. 
What is left over baggage and what is truth?
In this audio training we brake down 10 things I wish I had known when beginning this journey. These are things all those who want to know Jesus should know.

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