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What is translation, what is transmission and what version of the Bible should I read?
I had to trust that what I was reading was indeed translated correctly, was truly God’s word, and was what God intended me to hear.

Today we are going to go over…
What Translation of the Bible should I read and 3 Steps to Finding the Perfect Bible Translation for YOU.

What Translation of the Bible Should I Use? 3 Steps to Finding the Perfect Translation for YOU. //Basic Christian Beliefs Every Exmo and New Believer Needs to Know.

Okay- this is straight Christian gospel today. This IS in fact, the good news. Did you know that is what the word ‘gospel’ means? The Good News! Today is all about the good news.
Another fun fact- did you know there are not just 10 commandments? In fact, there are 613 spanning over Torah, the old testament. It was God’s 1st covenant with His chosen people- the Israelites- the Jews. He set it up because they needed law. They needed to know what God’s perfect law for them would be.
The law more than anything showed that humankind was in need of a savior.
And that was and is the good news. In a time, when the hope that was in the law from God seemed impossible to uphold, a savior came to save His people.

No More Rules! How Can We Have Faith, Not Law in God’s Family?

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