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I can’t bring you to the place where you understand what it truly means to surrender. I can’t make you have faith. I can’t give you that. That is found in the relationship you have with God and God alone. But Today pretty girl I will not leave you open-handed. We are talking about the number one thing you need to do right now to start your journey towards finding faith above.

Is the Bible Real? Can I trust it? The number one thing you can do to know Jesus today.

Dear beautiful girl,

I wanted to talk to you today from the bottom of my heart.

I wanted to talk to you, beautiful girl who is wrestling with faith.

You, who have wondered what faith even is, why some people just seem to have it, and why you just have none.

You, who have been angry at religion, angry at church, angry at those who lied to you, angry … at God.

Beautiful girl, I want to talk to you, the girl who has left everything you knew about God behind and is desperately looking for the truth.

Ep 1: I Rejected God for Decades. Why and How I Finally Came Home to Him– My Faith Journey – Welcome to the Finding Faith Above podcast.

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