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What is Obedience to God? A Season of Trust.

January 20, 2022

An Interview with Author and Ministry Leader, Autumn Haney

Everything I get to do and be is from an overflow of my relationship with Jesus!

Today we are talking about obedience.

Not always a word we want to hear, but it has its place. When it comes to our walk with the Lord it is all about obedience to do what He has in store for us. To be clear, this is not obedience to a church, a person, or someone telling us what is right or wrong.

This is being close to God and when prompted by Him, listening.

This is a two-part episode and worth every minute of inspiration to turn our face to the Lord.


Just because we grow up with Jesus does not mean we have it all figured out…

There is often a big misconception in our minds that if we hadn’t been raised under the thumb of religion we would have always had this super close relationship with Jesus. We would have always known Him closely, how to live, what He wants from us. But as Autumn shows us today, that is simply not true. We can know Jesus, but not yet really know Him.

“Even though I had a relationship with the Lord, I was still searching. I didn’t have a strong identity in the Lord yet. I knew it in my head. I knew who I was in Christ, in my head, but it hadn’t went down to my heart.”

~Autumn Haney
I help women who have left ‘the church’ and don’t want to give up on Jesus, learn to trust and know you are enough because of His grace, not works and build a relationship after religion.

God brings people into our lives that open doors to Jesus…

We don’t always listen, but when we have those moments that we let our guard down it is amazing how God can bring the perfect people to us to change our lives. They move us. Soften us. Recreate our hearts to start looking at the world with love.

Do you have someone waiting to guide you?

“My heart was very hardened at that time in my life, but she was the door that opened me up a little bit, just softened my heart a little bit just to find Jesus.”

~Autumn Haney

We Do not always know how he will provide but that is where trust comes in…

When God tells us which direction to go, but our feeble hearts do not yet understand how this is when real obedience comes in. Sometimes it doesn’t work the way we think it will. It doesn’t all come together according to the world’s standards, but does this mean God was wrong? Should rethink this? No! it means we have to trust that He leads us for a purpose greater and we must abide and know He will provide.

“And so I’ve been in awe of his goodness and thankfulness that every step fp the way, he has provided all of it.”

~Autumn Haney

We are not called to listen. We are called to be doers…

“But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. For if anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer, he is like a man who looks intently at his natural face in a mirror. For he looks at himself and goes away and at once forgets what he was like. But the one who looks into the perfect law, the law of liberty, and perseveres, being no hearer who forgets but a doer who acts, he will be blessed in his doing.” 

James 1:22-25

“It encourages me to continue to be a doer of His Word, not just hearing it and letting it fall on deaf ears. Because even whenever we walk with the Lord for a while, we can grow comfortable and content and we become lazy faith. And that’s not what he’s called us to.” – Autumn Haney

Advice for Women Finding Faith

“So it doesn’t matter if you’re in that really hard season of your life and you’re like, what am I doing? Or if you’re in that almost lazy season of faith. I feel like this speaks to both places. Get busy, girl. There is work to be done and stop deceiving ourselves. Get busy. Not just hear the word, but do the Word. It takes action. Faith without works is dead, right?” – Autumn Haney

Next Steps…

How to keep going with your faith…

  1. Build a Community

    Let’s share! Share your creative, God-led story, heal from the old religious junk and make friends while we do it. Support, friendship, and collaboration at the FB group —u003e Christian Women after Religion

More About Robin Luftig…

Hey!! I’m Autumn! 

I’m married to an amazing man of God and momma to two incredible children of God. Family is my greatest honor but I also lead a women’s ministry, Autumn Dawn Ministries! We do many things but my favorite is our yearly Women’s Retreat that we get to host completely free to our guests! I am also the administrator at our church and author of A Titus 2 Woman, more importantly than all of this I’m just a girl whose first love is Jesus! Everything that I get to do and be is from an overflow of my relationship with Jesus! 

With love, Shelby Hohsfield

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Full Transcript of Today’s Episode.

Okay. So for those of you who don’t know, Autumn and I did a little program together a few years back, and both of our lives have changed substantially since then. It has been a big journey, I think, for both of us. But from the moment that I met Autumn, the moment I met you, I just knew that you were this amazing woman of faith, and I’ve always felt this crazy connection to you in this Daughter of Jesus kind of way that has just been awesome. So I am so happy that you decided to do this with us today and to talk a little bit more about where life has gone since we did our little program together. But then also how Jesus is working in your life because he has done some big things for you. So I’m going to open it up first. If you wanted to just tell us who you are and what you do. Yes. I first have to just say that I’m honored to be here and to be with you and that you even asked me to be a part of your podcast, because that is huge to me. One time I was in probably 8th grade, and I was asked to give my testimony, and I felt like I didn’t have one to give. And so I turned it down. And since then, growing in the Lord, I promise God that I would never do that again because I did have a testimony and I just didn’t know it. And anytime I was asked that, I would say yes. So I’m saying yes. And I’m here and I’m thankful and just honored. So thank you for having me on today. It’s incredible. Life has changed since then. Wow. At that time in my life, I was searching. Even though I had a relationship with the Lord, I was still searching. I didn’t have a strong identity in the Lord yet. I knew it in my head. I knew who I was in Christ, in my head, but it hadn’t gone down to my heart. It wasn’t completely ingrained in who I was. So I was still searching for whatever it could possibly be. And at that season of my life, it was I was on a weight loss journey season, and I was grasping anything to lose weight because I thought that that would be the key to unlocking whatever was missing inside of me. And, boy, I was wrong. Nutrition school was great, but it was not the calling that the Lord had on my life, and I knew that, but I was still searching. So I was grasping anything that was in the mix that maybe this is it, that feeling of, well, let’s try this, because this might be I’m really interested in this, and I really am interested in nutrition and taking care of our bodies and our body as a temple of the Lord. And so that was important to me, but it wasn’t the thing that I was supposed to be doing. It wasn’t my calling. And since then, God has taken me on this incredible journey of discovering what he actually called me to do. So now I’m here, and these few short years later, God has radically transformed my life. And I’m excited to dig into that more today with you. Absolutely. So I guess let’s just start at the beginning. So how did you grow up? Did you grow up knowing God? Did you grow up going to Church? What did that look like for you? Actually, yes. My parents were saved at 30 years old, and so I was born when my parents were 30 also. So at that time, their relationship was very new with the Lord. But I got to grow up in a household with parents that had a relationship with Christ. And I’m so thankful for that. I’m so incredibly thankful because that gave me a foundation. I know a lot of people do not get to start out with that strong foundation in the Lord. And if they do start out with any sort of foundation, it’s usually tied to some sort of religion. And so there’s all kinds of laws and legalism and all of these things that we are raised with that pull us in the wrong direction. And I Thankfully was not raised in that growing up. We did go to a few different churches, Baptist churches, Methodist churches, a cowboy Church for a little while, and just different churches in town and the towns around us. I think I was probably eleven whenever I decided to start going to church with some friends. And it was absolutely incredible because my parents allowed me to there was nowhere we belong to this place. And so we have to go here. And I’m so thankful for that because I got to go with some friends to a very spirit-filled Church. And that opened the door for my parents also. And so, yeah, I got to grow up with a good Christian foundation that I’m very thankful for. That’s awesome. Was there anything, though, that kind of changed your life in any way to say, like, okay, now I’m walking with Jesus. Was it at eleven when you went to Church, or did that happen later? Where did that love come from? Oh, man. Actually. So it came very early in life. As a young girl, I don’t even remember exactly how old, but I know that I was very younger than eleven. My parents were struggling. I’m the youngest of four children, and the older two my parents have like two sets of kids. So my older two siblings are eleven and eight years older than me, so I’m much younger than them. But as a young child, I remember my parents battling for their children in addiction, and I was exposed to that at a very young age and the heartbreak that comes with all of that. And I remember being with my mom, who had an incredible just an incredible relationship with the Lord. And I remember watching her suffering, I mean, just struggling with how in the world did we get to this point and how do I save my kids from addiction? And it was heart wrenching. But I remember as small child, that Jesus was the only thing that she had. And I would watch her pray, and I would watch her cry, and I would watch her she would write poems that the Lord had given her. And I was very young, and I remember all of that. And so that was really a turning point in my life at a very young age, that Jesus is truly all we have. And so that taught me watching my mom taught me how to cling to Jesus no matter the circumstance around us. And oh, man, I’m thankful because I went through some stuff as an adult that if I hadn’t watched that and seen that as hard as it was, I could have went many different directions. But I had Jesus already from a very young age. So that was the first correct. Isn’t that, like, huge? I mean, that is so incredibly awesome that you found that at such a young age, because it takes a lot of us a really long time to know that exact thing, that Jesus is really all we have and that he will be there no matter what. We just have to ask and we have to want his help and we have to surrender to him. But that’s not something that a lot of people, even today who say they’re Christian know and walk in, they don’t move that way. So how blessed you are to have learned that, even though it came from really hard things. But a lot of times our relationship with Jesus comes from those really hard things. And so how beautiful that is that you have that so young. That’s awesome. Absolutely. I’m incredibly thankful. I mean, because you’re right. A lot of people do not find that until adulthood or late adulthood even. So, I was thankful. I am thankful that it came at such a young age. Even though I still in those teen years, I still went my own way. I still did what I thought was best for my life and what I wanted to do, what my flesh desired. So even though I had that foundation, doesn’t mean that I always hung on to that, that I didn’t stay the course, so to speak. I went off on my own way and realized very quickly that Ouch that our own way is not Jesus way, and it’s not good. So you said that was the first time. So then was there a second time? Yeah. There’s actually fast forward from very early childhood to early adulthood. And I had obviously strayed from the Lord and went out about my own way during high school and early College. And I wanted to live life to the fullest, I thought. And it was fun in the moment. But then whenever I had to wake up one day and realize how much heartache and just brokenness that had came from that lifestyle, I had to face myself one day and say, what are you doing? What is going on in your life? Where do you want to go in life? Because at this point, I had quit going to College and we were traveling with my now husband. We were dating then we were traveling with his job. And I found myself just in the lowest of low places. And I was searching what am I supposed to be doing with my life? And there was this woman who lived next door to us who she would play outside with her kids. She had small kids at the time, and she would play outside with them, and I would walk the RV park, and one day she had reached out and just talk to me like, hey, how are you? And that began a relationship with her. And I saw Jesus in her. I saw the way that she loved her husband. I saw the way that she posted herself and how she loved her children and how she handled hard situations. And I was attracted to that in her. And that was another moment in my life where God drew me in back to him. And I’m so thankful for that because she taught me what it looks like to truly love people, unconditionally people who were ugly, people who are mean and bitter, people who didn’t deserve her kind of love. But she still loved them. And that was huge to me. And at the time, I remember thinking, she’s got it all wrong. I would not put up with that a day of my life because I was this very strong, young, independent woman and absolutely not. Nobody’s going to treat me like that. And me still love them unconditionally. My heart was very hardened at that time in my life, but she was the door that opened me up a little bit, just softened my heart a little bit just to refind Jesus. And that launched me into the whole decade of my 20s, which were crazy. That’s pretty awesome. Isn’t it amazing, though? I feel like in this world how everyone says you got to love each other, but that whole strong woman, nobody’s going to tell me what to do. That is really what’s promoted in mainstream world. I admit I have completely fallen victim to that myself. But truly understanding love, that’s what it’s all about. That is what Jesus said. Those are the two most important things. Love God and love everyone else. That’s what he said. But it’s not always easy to walk that way. So how amazing is it that you had a woman who was able to show you that and open that door and just the obedience that you had to do it. And that’s what we talked about a little bit before we got on this podcast today was obedience and about how that has worked through your life so much. So moving into your twenties, how did that look for you? And what chapters were opened when you decided to walk with Jesus? Well, okay, I hope you’re in for a ride today, because it still is. I haven’t got off the roller coaster yet, but it’s incredible. But it started with making my relationship with the Lord. Right? And so that was surrendering all that I thought I wanted to him. And part of that was making my relationship with my boyfriend right before the Lord. And we had already been living together for six years, so it was past time. So in my heart, I knew that I had to get married and make that relationship right with the Lord. And that started a whole life of obedience. Whenever I was convicted of my relationship, I knew that what I was longing for was for more. And it all had to come from a place of obedience and not a place of if you’re going to be this Christian woman, you have to do these things. It’s not legalism or the law. It is simply saying, I surrender all of myself to Jesus. And out of reverence, out of honor and respect to him, I want to honor and obey him. And so we did. We got married, and we had a couple of children, which is absolutely incredible. I love being a mom, and I prayed for a long time to be a mom and exactly the children that I desired. And the Lord gave me that, and I’m so thankful. But I believe that that is a product of obedience. And so my whole life up until this point, I see these areas that are literally that a product of obedience. Like I said yes to God, no matter how crazy it seemed. And I just trusted him in every aspect. And so at this point, this was like 2013. And I just remember saying, God, I’m yours. And there were so many struggles in that time in my marriage because I thought that getting married would fix everything and that somehow a marriage certificate would be like the key to happiness. And it wasn’t. And I was like, but you said God, right? How often do we do that and try to throw it back in his face? Goodness, immatureity is what that is. But he worked with me in those areas. Do you know what I mean? He loved me in those places, and he took me to the next thing. And so we worked together for years, just cultivating the relationship. There was no outside influence, and I am so thankful for that. It was just me and Jesus for years. And I would dig into the word. That’s a huge thing in my life, was actually reading the Word for myself. Not just for it, but digging into the word and transform my life completely. Actually reading the Word and allowing it to come alive in me. It’s a product of obedience, saying, God, I hunger for your word, and then actually opening the Bible because it’s so easy to get busy or to get distracted and to not make time for it. But it is vital to our lives as women of faith to be in the Word every single day. And fast forward a few years to 2018. That was the year God is just cool. He is so faithful and so good. All of these years cultivating this relationship, 2018, I found myself in another low point of God. Now I know who you are. I know my identity in you. In my head, I had a head knowledge of my identity. I started to know the scriptures because I had been reading the word now, and I found myself in this pit, and I’m like, what is going on? Why am I so depressed? Why am I so angry and bitter? And my marriage is horrible, and I’m mad at everybody around me, and how can I be this Christian woman and still feel this way? I somehow thought that being a Christian and actually being obedient would somehow make all of the hardships go away. That was wrong. It didn’t. It actually almost invites them in. It’s just testing our faith, you know? So I found myself in this really horrible place, and I remember scrolling through Facebook. I was a stay at home mom at this point of my life, and I had way too much time on my hands. And I remember scrolling through Facebook, and I had saw an ad for a women’s conference in Colorado. And I’m like, oh, that would be really cool. But I kept scrolling because the reality of that happening was nonexistent. Who was going to keep my kids? Because my husband worked lots of hours and I was a stay at home mom with two small kids. There was nobody to watch them. I felt like I couldn’t ask for help, and I really didn’t have the money to take this trip. We lived in Oklahoma at the time, and it was in Colorado, and it was like 12 hours away. So I had to think about this long trip. I had to think about housing whenever I got there, where would I stay? There was a lot to go into it, and at the moment, I didn’t see how any of it would work out. And I kept scrolling. The next day, I’m on Facebook again, scrolling. I see the ad, and I’m like, God, can I go? And it was just a simple question. There’s a reason that I saw this two days in a row, and I’ve never been to this place ever in my life. Can I go? And he said, well, do you want to go?
Wow. Right? He asked me, well, do you want this? And I said yes. And that was like another huge moment in my life that drew me closer to him. In the matter of two days, I called my husband on his lunch break, and I said, hey, I really want to go to Colorado, to this women’s conference. And I know there’s a lot that’s going to have to be planned to make it happen, but if it all works out, do you mind if I go? And he was like, we’ll go. That was huge. So I got a babysitter. My mom so thankful for her. She kept my kids for the three days, and all of the finances worked out to where it caused no strain on my family. That was my big deal. It wasn’t necessarily that we didn’t have the money. I just didn’t want it to cause any kind of strain on my family. And so all of it worked out. I got online, I found the cutest little Inn ever. And it was available for those three days. Like, in that short of notice. It’s just crazy how it all worked out. And so then the very next weekend, here I go, all alone, completely by myself on a twelve hour road trip to Colorado. I had never went anywhere by myself. Nowhere without my husband, without my kids, without my parents. I never went anywhere alone. And I was obedient. And I went and I said yes. And on this trip, the Lord began to just pour into me like I have never experienced before and just constant conversation with God. And the whole trip, I was just, like, worshiping him. And it was absolutely incredible and life changing. And out of that simple. Yes. It took a step of faith there to have trust in him, that he could line all of that out and to actually be bold enough to go on a trip by myself. I know for a lot of people, that probably isn’t a big deal, but to me, at that stage of my life, it was huge. I was terrified. I literally remember getting there to the hotel or the little Inn. And I ran to my room and shut the door behind me because I was so scared to be alone. Like, I just thought that maybe somebody was going to jump out and kidnap me or something crazy. Like I had all of these wild imaginations. And so I was terrified to be alone. But I went and it opened a lot of doors for me. At that moment, I realized what it was to be alone with the Lord. I never experienced that, because you have to think I already had kids. And so all of these years that I’m growing my relationship with the Lord, it’s like I had two small children, and your time is consumed by then. That is our job as moms is to raise up our kids. And I had never felt what it actually felt like to be alone with the Lord until that moment. And it was just wild. I had met three incredible women. God put women in our lives when we least expected complete strangers like us, right, right. But he lined things up, and he put these three women at this conference that just poured into me and encouraged me and prayed for me and lifted me up. And you have to remember, I went here completely depressed and just in a really bad mental state. And I didn’t even understand what it was for women to come along a complete stranger and to love her. But that’s what I experienced. And on that trip, God did so many things. I keep saying that, but he did, and I’m trying to narrow it down. But one huge thing he did for me was to give me the gift of tongues, the Holy Spirit, to intercede for me. And I had never experienced that before. That was like a key that unlocked another level of faith for me. And it was absolutely incredible. I remember going to the altar. I’m not a person at first. I’m a very shy person. So I’m like, stand back, watch the room. I’m an observer. I listen a lot. And so that’s my instinct, right? But not this day. It was like my body pulled myself up to the front of this room with I mean, there were probably five or 600 women there. It was insane. I would have never went to the front on my own, but I went and I remember being prayed over and being filled with the Spirit and how I just fell on my knees before the Lord, like, truly surrendered for the first time ever in my life, just completely in awe of his presence. I didn’t even know that that was possible at that point in my life. And I remember there was a woman next to me that had been praying over me, and she told me she was like, hey, I think they want everybody to go back to their seat because they’re closing up, right? And I didn’t even realize I was so in the presence of God in that moment that I didn’t even realize that I was the only one left at the altar at this point. Many other came down, but I was so caught up in his presence, they all went away, and I was still there. It was absolutely incredible. On that trip, he had already been talking to me about my book, 2016. Back up a little bit. I know we’re going backwards, but 2016, I went on a trip to Hawaii, and God gave me the scripture, Titus two, three through five. And I didn’t even know the scripture. I’m serious. I didn’t know what it was. I had to Google what it was. But that taught me how to be a wife, how to be a mom, how to be a good steward of my home, how to truly love. And at this conference, he reminded me of that. And it was like, it’s time to write the book now. And I was obedient to that. And it was so crazy because I’m a very short and to the point type of person. And it was like I couldn’t even type as fast as it was being downloaded into my brain. Do you know what I mean? So I came home, I wrote the book, and Autumn Dawn Ministries was birthed at that conference. I had been doing a Facebook group for women. Just like prayers, Bible study, encouraging words. But it was a private group, and like, only the women that I actually knew were in the group. It wasn’t like a huge thing. I hear him say, It’s time to go public. And I’m like, yes, okay. Like, I’m terrified because
it was my place. I didn’t feel like I knew enough of the word or I wasn’t educated enough, or I didn’t feel enough to do anything for the Lord. But in this moment, I knew I just had to say yes and be obedient. And so I was. And I had a few women in my life that, you know, that group of women that you call when you need prayer. Absolutely. I mean, that group of women changed my life, too, because when you get a group of women together who want to pray together, I mean, big things happen. Huge things happen. It’s incredible. And I had those women, thankfully, so I called them and I said, hey, I think God is telling me to do this, to start this women’s Ministry. And I am scared. So I need you to pray. And they did, and they encouraged me, and they walked with me. And you have to think I had no background in Ministry in any form or fashion, not organized Ministry. It was just me and Jesus for so long. And so I didn’t even know the first step to take, but I just knew that I could trust God and that I would be obedient to every step that he told me to take. So whenever I came home, it was immediate the process to set up a 501 C three. I had never done anything like that in my life, and I didn’t even know what 501 C three was prior. I just knew that he told me to do it and to go start doing it. And so he lined everything up. I was going to say I but I did nothing. I was obedient. I trusted him, and he lined up every single bit of the process to make that happen. And I was just in awe of him in that. I still am. It’s incredible. But I want to share something from the book, because remember I talked about my identity being in my head, but it hadn’t went to my heart, but at this trip, it had went straight to my heart. I had never experienced this presence like this, and my identity went to a whole new level. And I finally had my insecurities went to a security in my identity in Christ for the first time. And so I want to share this. The whole book is on Titus two, three through five. It is literally breaking apart those scriptures in my life application to those scriptures. And so in chapter three, it’s to teach what is good. And I knew God was opening the door through Autumn Dawn Ministries to teach the Word. I just didn’t know how and I didn’t know what that would look like. And I was honestly intimidated by it. I was terrified. And I wrote this. I said I first didn’t feel like I was qualified to teach anyone the Word except myself and my children because I’m not a scholar. But now I feel that I am doing an injustice by not sharing the good news and my testimony with everyone who will hear it. Encourage everybody listening that that is you, too. That that isn’t just for me or just for you, Shelby. But that is for everybody who has a relationship with the Lord. Don’t ever let anybody make you feel less than that. You can’t share God’s word and the good news of Jesus and your testimony. It is powerful and it’s incredible, and it should be shared. So share it. Be obedient in that. I love what you said a little bit ago about not feeling enough. I think this is something that so many women struggle with on such a big level. But just exactly what you’re saying, that when we decide to rely on Him, enough means nothing because he is everything. So we are everything through Him on our own. You’re right. We’re probably not enough on our own. We will struggle forever. But when we partner with Him, we are able to do such amazing things. When we are doing it for his good news, for his glory, amazing things will happen. I mean, that’s the whole reason why I do what I do is complete obedience. Just like what you’re saying. God says, start a podcast. I’m like, Are you kidding me? And it needs to be a Ministry. And I’m like a Ministry. I’ve literally never even been to a Ministry. He’s like, you need to start this. I think that obedience is just so amazing. So what do you do all with Autumn Dawn Ministries? Where are you going with this? What do you do with this? It’s so amazing that you’re able to bring this to other women. It is absolutely incredible. And like I said, I didn’t know what to do in the beginning. I truly didn’t. I was waiting around for somebody to invite me into their space, like another Ministry to invite me in, to share the Word or whatever I was supposed to do. And so for a while, I kind of waited on the back burner. I say by a while, not years. It was like maybe months. Okay, it wasn’t long, but I still kind of just waited around. And finally the Lord told me, like, take charge. I called you. And so you take a step of faith and to take charge and to continue to ask and to be obedient, right? So that’s what I did. And I at first just created an online platform. What it looked like was just a website, which on there that’s still a work in progress to this day. But we have a blog, and I have really slacked off this year. But my goal is to post a blog post every month and just to encourage women wherever they are and whatever season I’m in, honestly. And I have a few other women on my board that pour into that blog also. And that’s and just click on Blog and it’ll take you there and you can see all of them and just different things that God has worked in my life. So we have the website, and then we do Facebook and Instagram both. And that’s just a quick daily encouragement, which we all need on social media. I feel like it’s a tool to encourage women and even some men. You know, I set this out as a women’s Ministry, but I’ve even noticed recently, like, several men following Autumn Down ministries on Facebook. So I thought that was just cool because my heart really is women and it’s just like a little gold wink of like, this is so much bigger. So we have Facebook and Instagram with daily encouragement. We do the Bible Bells Bible study, and it is a group on Facebook. And we simply we’ve done two rounds of this and we plan to do two more in the new year. And we highlight five women at a time of the Bible, and we just go through her story, and what is God showing us in her story and how does that relate to our lives and how can we grow from her story? And it’s been absolutely incredible. The last one we did, I think there was like 60 women in that study, which I thought was just absolutely incredible. God just blows me away. We have the Bible study group, so all of this is online. And then I published the book, and that was a whole adventure in itself, another active obedience. So I had been writing the book, and finally I felt like I needed to publish it. We did that. We published the book, and you can find that on Barnes and Noble and Amazon. And it’s still so surreal to me to say that I publish a book because it’s just crazy, but it’s awesome and it’s amazing. So we have the book, and then it was time to take it to the next level. I just felt the Lord stirring, just pulling me for more. And so I asked God, what is it? And at first I felt like it was women’s conferences, because I love crazy things happen whenever you go to a women’s conference, almost every single time, it just shakes you up, and it’s just incredible. And so I’m like, man, that would be awesome. And so I prayed on that for a while, and things would just never line out. I would try what I thought God was saying, but it would come to a dead end. Do you know what I mean? So I’m like, okay, well, maybe that’s not what he’s saying, right? And so finally it was like, God showed me women’s retreats. And just the other day, I was asking God, because I was examining why retreats. This is so interesting to me. And he showed me he said, because on that trip to Colorado, he treated me. My kids weren’t with me, my husband wasn’t with me, my family, it was just me. And I got to go on this amazing retreat and be treated by the Lord. And he said, this is something that you can give other women. And so last year, we started planning our very first women’s retreat. And it was absolutely incredible. God, these retreats are free, completely free to the women. That was something that God was like, give it to them, truly give it to them. It’s a gift, and they will always be free. So we do rely on donations to make this happen, because obviously there has to be money to pay for the cabin or the house or the center, wherever we have it, right? But to make it completely free to those guests. And so I’ve been in awe of his goodness and thankfulness that every step of the way, he has provided all of it. So last year, we started planning our first retreat, and everything was lining up, and it was all going well. And then covet happened. We know why. Like, this is a nightmare. And I was so mad. I’m not kidding you. I kind of threw, like a fit why God said to do this, and it’s not happening. And I was just mad about it. But he made a way to do a virtual retreat. And even though it wasn’t in person and it wasn’t what I had in mind, it was life changing for those women who attended. And it was via Zoom, so it was still face interaction, but it wasn’t in person. And God still worked, and he did incredible things. And so then we knew that that is where we needed to be was holding these retreats. And so this year, we had our first in person retreat in Destin, Florida. And it was absolutely incredible. I didn’t really know what to expect going into it, but I knew that God was all over it, and it was. It was incredible. We got to serve ten amazing women in Destin, Florida, in this beautiful house. And just the sisterhood that happened there was absolutely incredible. I mean, just beautiful. And so I’m already expected for the next year’s retreat. I’m just like, God, whatever you have for it. I’m excited. And we do this in the fall. So September 2022. I cannot wait to see what God does through that next retreat. They’re incredible. That is so exciting. Like, sign me up. I want to go do this. We could actually meet in person finally. Maybe that would be. That would be awesome. So what is the next chapter look like for you? Where are you moving from here? What’s happening now? I honestly wish I could tell you, really. I’m like, kind of in this season of life. I don’t really know what’s next. I’m really seeking the Lord again. What do you want for my life? What is the next step?
What do you have for me? Right. And this year, he gave me the word freedom. It’s absolutely incredible. He showed me Galatians Chapter five, which is all about freedom. And so I’m excited to see how that unfolds, what comes out of that just being surrendered. That word keeps coming up over and over, but that’s where it starts. It starts with our surrender to say, God, I really don’t know what’s next, but I’m open to what you have for me. And there’s a few things in the works that I don’t know that I’m ready to really throw out there. But I’m excited and I’m expecting for whatever God has in this next season of life because I turned 30 this year. And so I feel like it’s a new decade and it’s like a new. Just a new awakening of, like, God, what do you have for me for this season of my life? Yeah, that’s amazing. So if people are wanting to find more about your Ministry and what you’re doing, where can they find you? What’s the best place for them to go? Find out more about what you do. Yes. So Facebook and Instagram, both Autumdonministries and Autumdon There you will find all of our just the basis, our mission, who we are, what the Ministry is about, the blog post. We have even like a little mini store with just a few little things, coffee cups. And I love coffee. So that was my first thing. Like, we need coffee cups. So you can find all of those things on there and just connect with us on social media. That is the big Avenue right now that we have of actually having a connection is find us on social media, send us a message, comment like, share post, find us there. Awesome. So for women who are struggling with where they are right now and maybe have found themselves at a place where you maybe were at some point, what would you tell them to help them define that faith and to move forward with Jesus when they’re at their lowest and they’re not living their life in a way that is bringing them a lot of joy or connection with God. What suggestions would you give them? Oh, goodness, this is good, because the Lord showed me this morning I was reading the Word and just spending time in God’s presence, and he showed me this because he encouraged me in this. And so I want to do this. I want to pass it on. Okay. But he showed me James 122 25. And I’m just going to read it because I could summarize it. But you don’t get the fullness until you get in the Word. So I want to read it. It says, but it starts with. But anytime a scripture starts, you start at a but you have to go back and read. So I encourage you, go to James chapter one and read from the beginning. But I want to start in 22. It says, but be doers of the word, not hearers, only deceiving yourselves. Because if anyone is a hero of the Word and not a doer, he or she is like someone looking at his own face in the mirror. For he looks at himself, goes away and immediately forgets what kind of person he was. But the one who looks intently into the perfect law of freedom and preserves in it and is not a forgetful hearer, but a doer who works. This person will be blessed in what he does. I think that answers that perfectly. It encourages me to continue to be a doer of His Word, not just hearing it and letting it fall on deaf ears. Because even whenever we walk with the Lord for a while, we can grow comfortable and content and we become lazy faith. And that’s not what he’s called us to. So it doesn’t matter if you’re in that really hard season of your life and you’re like, what am I doing? Or if you’re in that almost lazy season of faith. I feel like this speaks to both places. Get busy, girl. There is work to be done and stop deceiving ourselves. Get busy. Not just hear the word, but do the Word. It takes action. Faith without works is dead, right? Absolutely. Get going. I love it. It’s so easy for us to just become complacent in where we are for sure. And that reminder is always good. I think that that’s a big thing that a lot of people get confused. That particular verse, you know, faith that that works is dead. That means that your works is going to save you. But that’s not the way that it works. We’re saved because of what Jesus did for us. But our works is an overpowering, an overflow of all of the amazingness that he has given us in our hearts because of our faith in Him. And that’s what we got to show to this world. And you’re right. Get up, girl. Go do it. I love it. Well, thank you so much, Autumn, for coming on today. I appreciate the fact that you did this. I don’t know. I just feel like this amazing sister God connection with you. You just have such a beautiful heart and thank you. I really appreciate you being here. Yes. Thank you. It was an honor. It’s incredible.

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