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"I truly believe the value in stories is immeasurable. I come from a colorful religious past having been raised in a home with my dad a devout mormon and my mom, not. They are still married, 40 years.
My faith journey has been a winding road that was made beautiful when I found Christ. 
I love to talk about building a relationship after religion and healing from religious wounds and bad ideas about God, 
how to raise your kids after religion, what is our purpose, who is Jesus, and what does grace really mean? These are all topics I cover on my show and that I am passionate about. 
It took me 20 years to find Him after leaving the church.
God put it on my heart to help women who are not ready to give up on Jesus after religion.
If God is for us who can stand against us?" ~Shelby

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Shelby Hohsfield is a podcaster, artist, motivational speaker and unstoppable enthusiast of living out God's purpose after religion. Her faith journey has been a winding road, from praying to God as an eight year old for truth, leaving the mormon church at 18, walking without God, getting curious, making so many mistakes, and finally finding the true love of our Amazing Creator. Shelby helps ladies who find themselves lost after leaving religion learn to pray, find truth and gain trust in the Lord.



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This podcast is for you if you are searching for TRUTH.
We talk about healing from religious wounds, how to move forward with a relationship with Jesus after religion, and how to handle life, family, jobs, kids, while walking a Christian life.
This is the Sunday School you always wished you had.

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