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Everything I get to do and be is from an overflow of my relationship with Jesus!
Today we are talking about obedience.
This is being close to God and when prompted by Him, listening.
This is a two-part episode and worth every minute of inspiration to turn our face to the Lord.

What is Obedience to God? A Season of Trust.

I help women who have left ‘the church’ and don’t want to give up on Jesus, learn to trust and know you are enough because of His grace, not works and build a relationship after religion.

Be grateful in everything–even the bumpy rides … is Robin Luftig’s mantra while either writing or speaking to audiences on healing after tragedy. The central theme to all her messages–grace is available for everyone.
This episode is really going to speak to you today. I have had so many messages asking, “what are my next steps on where to go when I’m trying to find faith? I’m at this place where I’m not quite sure what happens after I’ve said, okay, Jesus take the wheel.”
his episode speaks volumes.

A Swan Dive into the Lap of Jesus- A Simple Concept that Changes Everything

Change your Relationship with God- One thing that will Bring you Closer to Him. Interview with Miranda Lee.

Just Because we grow up in the Christian faith doesn’t mean the faith journey isn’t still a winding road. Today, I’m talking to Miranda Lee, a faith based health and confidence coach. Through learning to love her body despite mental disorders around food and OCD, Miranda fought to learn to love herself and rely on God. Her relationship with God changed the most when she met the love of her life, her now husband who had been raised mormon. He asked questions and forced Miranda to to have to do the one thing all Christians should do in order to grow closer to God and be the example He was asking her to be.
Find out more in this episode…

Change your Relationship with God- One thing that will Bring you Closer to Him.

At one of those low moments in life, Pooja Chilukuri found herself questioning God while sitting in her closet. Jesus’ peace was overwhelming and from that point on, Pooja’s outlook took a shift toward the real God and His unending love. Transformations don’t happen overnight, but the shift is real and that is where the change begins. Let’s get into it.

Is Jesus Speaking to me? Hearing God’s Voice.

Have you ever questioned God’s faithfulness? This episode is for you. God’s Steadfast Love is there even when we change. He invites us with open doors and open arms. He is living water and refreshment for our soul.

Gina Duke is an award-winning author, speaker, strategy coach, and podcast host of the Gina Duke Show. She is the Christian author of Abingdon Press’s book Organizing Your Prayer Closet that introduces the gift of structured prayer journaling. Gina helps Christian women grow in faith, order, and influence as leaders in both ministry and the marketplace. She is a content provider for iDisciple, Jennifer Rothschild’s Womensministry.net, and Proverbs31 Ministries’ latest devotional, Hope When Your Heart is Heavy.

Disappointed with God? What does it Mean to Return to His Steadfast Love.

Just keep going. Build your relationship and you will find the right people, the right church to build you up, and where you will equally build them up. Together you will be the church Jesus intended us to have and spread His love.

“We are called to create that community and support each other, but it can’t supersede that relationship with Him because that is always going to be with us. Whereas, we don’t know what the group of people is going to be around us. It’s a balance… careful appreciation for both because we need both. ”

— Patricia Sung

The Importance of Having People and Church for your Faith. Do you Need Community?

Growing up under the rules of man-made religion, what are the struggles that you deal with when you break these chains and find freedom in Jesus? Getting out of our own way to accept Grace is pivotal. This is what we are talking about in today’s post.

When you grow up believing that breaking the man-made rules means that you are rotten, the love that is grace is hard to accept. But, the peace of accepting Grace and letting it go, knowing that you are enough in Him, is life-changing.

We have to know this is not works-based. This can be hard for us to overcome coming from works-based, man-made religions, but His grace overcomes all.

Man’s Rules versus God’s Plan. Can we Have a Relationship with Jesus Regardless of Church? Freedom in His Word.

Are our past experiences too big? Do all our trials mean we still have grace? How do we use the things we have been through to help others?

In today’s episode, we are talking to Cristina Emigh from the Chat-worthy podcast. This is an amazing story of redemption and God’s undying love and grace. Cristina has a big story and God has used her story in even bigger ways.

This podcast deals with some sensitive issues such as suicidal thoughts and post-abortion emotions. If you are sensitive to these topics please be mindful of the content. Cristina is very open about her experiences and how He has used this story for good.

Grace for Ourselves. Learning to use our Story to Save Others. Grace After Fire.

“Surrender means understanding that He is the most powerful and that I am going to live in His strength instead of my own. So, If I’m living in His strength, then I’m super powerful because I’m aligning with Him. And for me, it’s Surrendered Action. Because that is when He says, “This isn’t for you to just sit back and kick your feet up. It’s time to take action, girl! “”

Can Alcohol Be an Idol? Why Putting God First Matters. 5 Acknowledgements to Clearing the Idols and Finding Strength in the Lord.

Dear beautiful girl,

I wanted to talk to you today from the bottom of my heart.

I wanted to talk to you, beautiful girl who is wrestling with faith.

You, who have wondered what faith even is, why some people just seem to have it, and why you just have none.

You, who have been angry at religion, angry at church, angry at those who lied to you, angry … at God.

Beautiful girl, I want to talk to you, the girl who has left everything you knew about God behind and is desperately looking for the truth.

Ep 1: I Rejected God for Decades. Why and How I Finally Came Home to Him– My Faith Journey – Welcome to the Finding Faith Above podcast.

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